MEGA FOOD CART BUSINESS CORP was conceived by skilled, well experienced and passionate entrepreneurs. Mega Food Cart is geared towards becoming an effective franchise operator nationwide in the food cart franchising industry. Our purpose is to empower young entrepreneurs in fulfilling their dreams by providing them quality service, training & support, guidance and a market of products that were carefully surveyed and studied in the current market.

Our products include (but aren’t limited to) Citi Soft Ice Cream Buko Twist (Buko Shake), Spicy Hot Noodles with Dimsum, Mexicanos Concept (Nachos, Tortillas, Quesadillas & Burritos), Cit Frappe, Citi Shawarma, Healthy Corney (Japanese Corn), Tsinoy Siomai and Siopao, Egg Avenue (Coated Egg), Mega Lugawan, Citi French Fries, Flavored shakes, Citi Burgers and Hotdogs.