Office 365

About Office 365

Office 365 is the cloud-based service offered by Microsoft that provides productivity software and related services for personal, business, and school use. For consumers, the subscription allows the use of Microsoft Office apps on any platform.

What's In Office 365

Office 365 Business/ProPlus

Always latest version of Office 365 (no Additional cost)
Co-existence of old and new versions of Office available
Up to 5 Devices can be used per user
Can be used in Cloud or locally
Reduction of initial burden with contract type
(Rental type)

Skype for Business

Online Video Conference
Instant message
Presence information helps to contact
Screen Share and Remote Control
Skype federation

SharePoint Online

Information and file sharing at internal site
Files are stored and shared in cloud
Possibility of using personal cloud storage 1TB
simultaneous by multiple peoples
Files access even offline

Exchange Online

50GB Mailbox Capacity
Co-operation with Skype for Business
Integrated Personal Archive
Retention policy and litigation hold

Why Office 365

Office 365 is mobile-friendly. Almost works on any platform

Can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Data is always safe

Share documents and files anywhere. It's all in the cloud

Can participate conference from home, office or field sites

Liberate complex on-premises & reduce IT burden

Long-Term Benefits

  • A comfortable working environment creates satisfaction for employees, and excellent talent is established
  • The environment where works an be done efficiently anytime and any place produces strong competitiveness

Office 365 Updates

February 1, 2018

Office 365 Update (21-27 January 2018)

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January 16, 2018

Office 365 Update (7-13 January 2018)

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